1951 ✅

All the letters in this section have been transcribed and are available to read. Follow the dated links below the family photos to view images of each letter followed by a transcription.

After the letters, there is a brief appendix of letters from the Air Force and from friends.

Photos of family members mentioned in the letters from Korea, with a descriptive key below the gallery. Click on each photo for an enlarged view:

  1. Ruth, Walt, Barbara, and Sib. This is the only photo I have ever seen with me and my father.
  2. My mother is in the center, next to her sister, Ruby, on the left and her mother on the right. My uncle Howard is at the far left. The boys in the striped shirts are my cousins. This picture was taken before my cousin Audrey was born. My brother and I are on the far right of the group.
  3. My paternal grandparents, perhaps with my brother.
  4. My paternal grandmother on the far left with some of her siblings. I think the sister next to her is Aunt Ruth and the one on the right Aunt Dorothy, but I’m kind of guessing. I think the man holding my brother (?) is one of my grandmother’s brothers.


13 January 1951

16 January 1951

22 January 1951


25 March/3 April 1951


5 April 1951

11 April 1951

13 April 1951

16 April 1951

18 April 1951

19 April 1951

21 April 1951

26 April 1951: Letter to Sib

27 April 1951

29 April 1951


3 May (April) 1951 Contested date: The letter date says April, but the content does not fit in the context of surrounding letters. The postmark is unclear.

4 May (April) 1951 Contested date: The letter date says April, but the content does not fit in the context of surrounding letters. The postmark is clearly in May.

10 May 1951

14 May 1951

17 May 1951

19 May 1951: Letter to Sib

24 May 1951

25 May 1951

27 May 1951


5 June 1951

9 June 1951

14 June 1951

16 June 1951

19 June 1951

20 June 1951

24 June 1951

26 June 1951


3 July 1951


Letters from the Air Force

Letters from Capt. Robert O. Shimp and Terrie Shimp

Letter from 1st Lt. J. B. Harrison

Letter from Charles Garner




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