10 May 1951

This letter was written on 10 May 1951 and postmarked on the same day.

Finally, my father is receiving letters from home. Even with that, it seems important to tally up the missions he’s flown, probably meant as reassurance that he can be home soon.

Did my mother complain about housecleaning in one of her letters, about not keeping up with it? I can tell you that she was not a stickler about cleaning, something I’m grateful to have inherited. We’re more the straighten things up kind. So I’m sure it was nice to get the okay about letting it go.

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10 May

Hello Sweetheart

How are you and brood? O.K. I hope—I’ve got quite a few letters from you in the last three days—Sure am glad to get them.

I’ve neglected to write you for the last couple of days, I’ve really been busy. I’ve 42 missions in and haven’t even been flying a month yet.

Our Sqd. transfered to another Gp. the only change in address is 18th Gp. instead of the 35th. It is still the 39th Sqd.

If we keep going the way we are well just about have a 100 m. in another month—probably some time in May—If the Chinks start another drive I know we will.

I was glad to hear Sib say he was helping you—I know is the best boy ever.—Also glad to hear the casts aren’t bothering Barbara—I sure hope they do the job.

It is quite warm here today—In fact it is hot—I was rather surprised to hear it has been hot back there. It makes it nice for the kids and everyone.

Don’t work too hard on the housecleaning—I can imagine the place needs it tho.—I know you have your hands full tho.—Barbara must be eating like Sib used to do.

Write, call, or visit Mom and Pop and tell them I said everything is O.K. I’ve only written them once or twice.

I’m going to say So Long

Tell your mother I hope she gets better soon

Love to the Kids

I Love You    x Walt x

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