14 May 1951

This letter was written on 14 May 1951 and postmarked on the same day.

The Aunt Ruth mentioned was my paternal grandmother’s sister. She and Uncle Weldon and Elizabeth lived much nearer than my grandparents, so we were able to see them more easily. I believe that Elizabeth did some babysitting, at least of my brother.

Going to “the show” means going to a movie. I had forgotten that we always said it that way.

I’m glad that I was finally paid for with the income tax and that my brother knew about babies, but he isn’t the only wiseacre in the family. I think we went to too many shows.

I haven’t read up on all the squadrons and groups that flew in Korea, as mentioned here and in the previous letter, but the 39th Squadron does come up in a lot of browsing. I have to save such searches for later.

A transcript follows the images.






14 May 51

Hello Sweetheart

I got a letter from you and Mom yesterday and since I have some spare time I think I’ll answer yours at least—Your letter was dated the 3rd. It was the one after Sib got his letter. I thought he would like one.

I have 49 missions now—So far I’ve only flown about a 1/2 doz. that were real rough—I’ve been lucky enough so far that I haven’t even picked up any holes. I hope I can [illegible] finish the next 51 just as lucky.

You said you visited Aunt Ruth and Uncle Weldon and Sib went to the show with Weldon—I’ll bet he enjoyed that—He must be getting to be a big boy if he can go to the show with the men now.

Elizabeth must be getting to be quite the young lady by now is she is running Weldon and Ruth up to the 3rd floor—Ha—You didn’t mention her in the letter.

Glad to hear you got the refund from the income tax and can get the bill paid.—Hate to owe money on a cute little girl.

We just moved to another base and mail—baggage and everything else is ‘screwed’ up—I lost a plastic raincoat—my good boots—half my underwear and a complete set of my worsted blues were stolen from a dry cleaning place—So you can see—I practically have nothing to wear—Sure “pissed me off”

Just got another letter dated the 6th guess I’ll get it answered here too.

Sib is getting pretty wise if he knows little boys don’t have babies—Ha—I thought I’d split my sides over that one. Of course I know where he gets his logic. From me naturally.

I’m glad you and the kids can go to church—It will do you all good.

Shimp, Harrison, Rees, Santmyer, Coleman, Keyser, Elliot and myself are all in the 18th Gp now so it is quite cozy. They’re all a good bunch of boys.

I’ll bet Barbara will (fel) feel much better when she gets the casts off—I hope they are all right now.

Tell Sib I think about him every day and I hope I can see you all soon.

Tell Howard I got his letter and sure thank him for helping you all out. Tell him not to worry about Ruby—she’ll deflate like a busted balloon one of these days and then all he’ll smell  will be baby shit, Ha. He said something about his Pontiac but I didn’t know what he was talking about. I’ll be glad to get the picture.

Be good Sweetheart—Love to the kids—I Love You


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