16 April 1951

This letter was written on 16 April 1951 and postmarked on what looks like the 17th.

Early in the letter my father mentions “‘sweating out’ his controllers m.o.s.” and it might mean a few things. One use of the acronym is about Model Output Statistics related to weather forecasting, which would be of obvious use to pilots, but Wikipedia says it wasn’t developed until 1965. So I think it must be the military organization of occupations—Military Occupation Specialty. He worries about getting dragged into it and having to stay in Korea longer, perhaps meaning that he would be designated in an occupation too valuable to let go. That makes sense, as the overriding theme of these letters is the desire for home. It’s very much as if there was no sense of purpose in this war to compensate for that desire.

I see I’m almost six months old, and his musing about my development is another marker of how important time is and how much he’s missing.

There is also the recurring theme of telling my brother to be good. That’s funny.

A transcript follows the images.





16 Apr 51

Hello Sweetheart

I think I’ll sit right down and write yourself a letter.—What do you think of that.

To date I have 7 whole missions—you keep track of them—I need only 93 more and then I’ll be eligible to come home unless something unforeseen happens—I’m still “sweating out” my controllers m.o.s.—If they ever drag me into that it will be hard to tell when I’ll get home. I hope it won’t be long.

The weather has been nice the last couple of days. It has been rather warm, not too warm—just comfortable.

The first day I flew I got 3 missions totaling 9 hrs and 20 mins.—Quite a bit eh?

What is the weather like back there?—Should be getting somewhat warm soon. Does Sib get to play outside any—if he doesn’t I’ll bet he’s hard to hold. Tell him I said for him to be a good boy and to help his mama—also to be careful with Barbara Leigh.

I just happened to think—she is almost 6 mos. old—I wonder what she does now—She’ll be sitting up soon and will probably be (walky) walking in another four months. She was so small the last time I saw her I can’t imagine what she’s like.

I’m going to make this short and go hit the sack—I’m tired and have to get up early—All my love to you Honey—

I love you

x Walt x

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