16 January 1951

This short letter was written on 16 January 1951 and postmarked on the 17th.

The letter is short because my parents had a phone conversation on the same day. I wonder how often that happened. As the envelope shows, he was in Las Vegas (note the desert and mountain references in the previous letter), not having been deployed to a war zone yet.

The snapshots mentioned were not in the opened letter, so I don’t know what the subject was. Many letters from the WWII era did have other materials in them, like photos, and in such cases, I included them in the scans.

The back of the envelope is included because there is a note on it. This was typical in a lot of the WWII envelopes, as well.

A transcription follows the images.





16 Jan 51

Hi Honey—

Not going to say much tonight since there really isn’t much to say after our phone conversation today.

I’m enclosing the snapshots. I had two sets made.

Barbara Leigh certainly sounded happy today. She was talking almost all the time we were.

That must have been a hell of a big crate if it weighed 600 lb. I didn’t think we had that much crap to our names.

Tell Sib I said I think he is a pretty good boy.

Love to all of you

I love you

x xxxx xxx


Back of envelope:


find me the dictionary


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