16 June 1951

This letter was written on 16 June 1951 and postmarked on the 18th.

Back in Korea after ten days in Japan, yet no letters from home arrived. The process of getting mail has been sporadic and disappointing from the beginning.

It looks like being away allowed my father’s friend Shimp to get ahead of him in completed missions. For some reason, he had hoped they would finish together, but that does not happen.

Paul is my father’s youngest brother, the youngest child of five, and always referred to as a change-of-life baby. I know he served in the Navy because of the photo in his uniform that my grandmother displayed, but we didn’t know him well. He was twelve years younger than my father and nineteen at the time of this letter.

A transcript follows the images.





16 JUNE 51

Hello Sweetheart

Well I finally got back to Korea today, tired and broke—I don’t think I’ll be going to Seoul for a couple of days yet—I want to get finished up as soon as I can now—so I can get the hell out of here and get back to the States.

I had a good time in Japan—the Air Force has taken over the nicer hotels for billets and have good food—etc. Just about like a Stateside hotel. I took us three days to get on an aircraft to get back here and I had to write another $15.00 check to meet expenses.

Schi Shimp is about 15 missions ahead of me now—I don’t know whether I’ll be able to catch up or not—We’re not flying missions quite as fast as we did a few weeks ago—I hope to finish in a month. And then it will probably be another month or so to get orders and get underway—I would like to finish up and at the same time Shimp does but it is doubtful now.

I was gone 10 days and expected a few letters when I got back but didn’t get any—They said there hadn’t been much mail come in—I haven’t written much anyway.

I haven’t written home for quite a while now—I hate to write—Guess I’d better get started tho—

I heard the carrier that Paul is on is back in the States now—So I suppose he’ll be getting home soon—I hope so—How did the trip home go that you were going to make. It ought to be pretty over in that country now.

Tell Sib Hello and Barbara also and I think I’ll close for now

I’ll be seeing you,

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxxx


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