17 May 1951

This letter was written on 17 May 1951 and postmarked on the 18th.

A little more information about living conditions, which are very good in one place and not so good in the other (Seoul). Unless my father says so in a letter, there’s no way to tell from the generic postal information where he might be, except “this station.” Apparently the food is good and he compares it to Nellis, an Air Force base in Nevada. This is the first time I’ve heard Nellis referenced.

It’s interesting that he was able to go pheasant hunting, even if he had no luck—he needed a good dog. It never occurred to me that soldiers would be able to do such things during war, but I guess down time is different for fliers than for ground troops.

A transcript follows the images.





17 May 51

Hello Sweetheart

Guess I’d better “get on the ball”and write you a letter.

This is the only sheet of paper I can find so don’t expect too much.

Since this move the mail situation is rather “screwed up” I haven’t had a letter for a couple of days, maybe I’ll get some today.

I went pheasant hunting yesterday but didn’t get anything—There are a lot of birds here and good shooting except you have to get up too early for me.

I forgot to tell you about this station—We have good quarters, a fine club and one of the best messes I’ve ever eaten in. I We are getting better food here than we got at Nellis. The only trouble is we are only here two days out of five—The three days we spend at Seoul aren’t quite so good—In fact they stink.

I’m going back up to Seoul tomorrow and should get many, many missions in quick I hope.

How are the kids doing?—I hope they’re they are O.K. Sure would like to see them. They’ve got a stinkin’ rumor going around over here that we’re going to have to remain in this theater after we finish our 100 missions—I hope I find out soon—If it is true I”m going to start raising hell.

Well so much for that—I hope your getting along O.K. and that the kids aren’t giving you too much trouble—You stay sweet for me and I’ll be seeing you as soon as I can.

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

Tell Sib and Barbara Hello for me.

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