18 April 1951

This letter was written on 18 April 1951 and postmarked on 19 April.

Almost unbelievably, this letter marks the first letter my father received from my mother. I wonder if it was really the first one sent (since I don’t know the dates on it) or if they have been delayed and are out of order. Clearly, much of this letter’s content is in response to information in the received letter.

A transcript follows the images.





18 Apr 51

Hi Honey

Say hello to Sib and Babs.

I’m quite happy—I recieved your first letter or at least I recie it is the first one I’ve recieved. Sure made me feel good

I’m also glad to hear about B.L. She must be quite a gal—It’s difficult for me to realize she is sitting in a swing affair and liking it—I’ll bet she is really pretty little girl—She should be don’t you think? If she is as pleasant and happy as you say it must be a big help to you.—How does Sib and her get along? I can just see Sib and her.

I bet Sib is a silly looking goon with his cowboy hat pulled down around his ears. Ha!

I was sorry to hear your mother isn’t quite “up to snuff” yet. Tell her if (she’d) she was at Las Vegas she would snap out of it overnight.

I’ve got ten missions in so far—flew two today. Tomorrow I’m going back to Seoul again and will be there for approx. three days—should come back with several more—Have to get them in quick so I can get back to you and catch up. Ha!

I’m going to stop for now and pack.

Store up a little lovin’ for me and I’ll be back soon.—

Love to Sib and Barbara

I Love You

x xxxx xxx

x Walt x

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