19 April 1951

This letter was written on 19 April 1951 and postmarked on the 20th.

A number of people are mentioned in this letter that I don’t know, some clearly military friends. I never heard anything about any of them growing up and we did not socialize with anyone but family, really. Later I will add the letters written to my mother after my father’s death, where some of the names may show up.

Ruby and Howard were my aunt and uncle; Ruby my mother’s only sister. The reference to her springing is a reference to my cousin Audrey’s coming birth in August 1951. In all the years I’ve celebrated her birthday, it only recently dawned on me that she was born a little less than a month after my father died, and that there must have been mixed emotions at the time. Actually, I’m glad I never thought about it before and associated it with a sad time.

It’s kind of funny that my mother cut my hair at 6 months, because she was furious when my aunt cut my hair as a toddler. It was probably getting in my eyes, though, as babies in our family are born with full heads of hair. The curls were not temporary.

I wish I had some of those letters my mother sent to Korea, like the stack I have from WWII that my father saved and sent back, so I could have an idea of whether she was responding to all these letters and how late hers might have arrived. The ten day delay mentioned in this letter, doesn’t really seem long to me, considering the time and circumstance.

A transcript follows the images.





19 APR 51

Morning Sweetheart

Guess I’ll answer your letter.

I got one this morning from you that was mailed on the 9th Apr. As soon as you start writing to me at this address I expect I’ll get them a little quicker.

It has been raining all morning and there had been no flying so far today. It may clear this afternoon, if so I might possibly get another mission today—I have ten now—1/10 finished.

So you cut Barbara’s hair eh?—It would be nice if it stayed curly but it is probably temporary. I’ll bet she is cute.

How is Ruby and Howard and kids. When is Ruby going to “spring.” shouldn’t be to long is I remember right.

I’m going to write John today if I don’t fly. Do you ever hear from them or from Norma?

I don’t know whether Bill is still here or not. If he is he should have all his missions in by now. As a matter of fact he should have had them all in a long time ago.

I’m glad Sib found some playmates and is spending time outdoors. It is much healthier to be outside, especially in that city.

Tell Frank and Agnes I said Hello and to get ready for a party when I get home.

Be sure and write home once in awhile as I don’t write too often.

I keep forgetting you have the car—Hell—you can take off and go over there any time you wish.

Signing off

I sure miss you Honey

Love to Sib and Barbara

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


2 thoughts on “19 April 1951

  1. Audrey Renz

    I wonder if the reference to Frank and Agnes might be the Gerisy’s that were friends of Howard and Ruby’s (Howard’s business partner in the R & N Upholstery Shop)? I believe before Howard was in business with Frank they all lived near where Ruth and Ruby grew up.


    1. Barbara

      Oh, interesting. I vaguely remember Howard’s business, seeing the shop or driving by it, but I didn’t have any sense of who his partner was. Thanks for seeing that.


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