19 May 1951: Letter to Sib

A transcript follows the letter images.


19 May 51

Hello Sib—

How are you today? I hope you are feeling well and are having a good time—Maybe the sun has been shining and you’ve been playing outside.

When boys like you play outside and eat real good it helps make them strong and grow to be big men. You have to eat good food and not too much candy.

How is Mommy and Barbara Leigh getting along? I’ll bet you have to help them now and then since you are the only man around the house.

How big is Barbara now?—


I’ll bet she is grow quite a bit and probably getting prettier every day.

Daddy would like to see you and Barbara and Mommy but it will probably take quite a while yet. So you tell Mommy I want some pictures of you all. Tell her I also need some underwear—all of mine was lost.

I wrote to Lt. John Riley—He and Blanche and the baby are at Keesler Fld., Miss. now. John must be going to school.

How is Grandma Dailey these days? Is she feeling any better? I hope she is.


Mommy said you went to the show with Uncle Weldon the other day—I’ll bet it was a pretty good show—I heard you were a good boy too.

Daddy is starting to fly quite a bit now—I have 51 missions and will probably have about 53 before tonight.

I was just thinking that you’ll be going to school this Fall—My oh my you are sure growing up fast—I can (remeb) remember when I (went) started to school—It was fun.—

How is Denny and Larry and Ruby and Howard?—They tell me Ruby is getting fat! is that true.

[unnumbered page 4]

If you ever see Grandma and Grandpa Pittman, tell them Hello for me.

I’m going to have to stop writing now—You keep good care of Mommy and Barbara and tell them I love them and maybe I’ll write Mommy a letter tomorrow

I’ll see you



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