21 April 1951

This letter was written on 21 April 1951 and postmarked the same day.

This letter continues the concern about getting letters from home and the boredom of this war. Even on a “beautiful day” there is nothing to do, and the nearest city is crowded with refugees and “stinks.”

My father addresses the business of how families are supported “if anything should happen” and he was pretty much correct about the Social Security payments and insurance. It sounded like he wanted to get the discussion over with, but it was bothering him enough to mention it after having only 10 missions so far (per the last letter). It won’t be the last time the theme of mortality shows up.

A transcript follows the images.






21 Apr 51

Hi Honey

A few lines to let you know I’m still around and to give you a letter to answer so I’ll get some mail. Ha!

I told you I was going up North for a few days but I haven’t left yet. I may leave this afternoon or tomorrow.

This is a beautiful day here and I’ve just been sitting around enjoying it.—Nothing else to do.

How are our two angels? doing? O.K. I hope. Sure would like to see them. Tell Sib if I get back to Tokyo I’m going to send him a nice boat with a little motor in it.

I didn’t get a letter yesterday so I’m looking forward to one this afternoon.—It’s amazing how important a letter gets to be (when) after you’ve spent a few days here—I guess that goes for you too.

Say—if anything should happen to me I want to let you know about something your probably not aware of.—There is some kind of a deal—I’m not sure whether it is under Social Security or what—Something that effects Reserve Officers however whereby you would get besides insurance, approx $400.00 plus a month until the kids are either 18 or 21—It is something worth remembering.

So much for that stuff. I hope your mother is feeling better—[illegible]—seem to be doing allright for her—I think they should.

How long does it take for my mail to reach you all—Not too long I hops. I haven’t started to get your letters direct to this A.P.O. yet.

I wrote a short letter to John a day or so ago. Didn’t have too much to say. Wish I could think of more to write to you.

I went into the city of Pusan yesterday—whew—stinks—crowded with refugees from farther North. I’m not going in again unless I have to.

Going to sign off for now Honey

Love to Sib and Barb.

I Love You

x xxxx xxx    xWalt x

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