22 January 1951

This letter was written on 22 January and postmarked on the 25th.

There are just a few mundane topics in the letter, like my mother learning to drive and the poor quality of some shirts my father bought, although that topic gets an extended humorous treatment.

This letter also brings up some editing decisions that I need to spell out on the site. I just want to transcribe for readability and not make corrections with notes where I think the reader can understand what is being said and can assume I know the correct spelling, for example, of a word. I’ll try not to clutter up the text with editing marks unless I think something that is unclear to me would also be unclear to the reader. There are a couple of words here that I am unsure of, so I’ve either given a few options of what they might be or suggested they are misspelled. I’d prefer to not put in missing punctuation or remove duplicate words, but I suppose I will trip up and make corrections on occasion. That’s what happens when you have an English teacher at the keyboard.

The transcript follows the images of the letter.







22 Jan 51

Hello Sweetheart

I don’t have a special subject to write about tonight but I’ll start anyway. Sure wish you were here.

I was rather surprised to hear about Ruby—I sure hope she gets her wish this time—She would probably blow her top if she had another boy—Ha.

I hope you have luck Wed. with your test—I know you will—If you can drive with a shift you shouldn’t have any trouble with our jitney.—The only thing I wanted was for you to get some supervised driving in and out of the garage. By the time you get this you’ll probably be a full fledged driver with some experience.

I forgot to ask you Sunday if the car was put in your name—I hope it was as the insurance is being carried in your name.

Well, Barbara Leigh will be 3 months old Fri.—She must be getting to be quite a young lady. And Sib seemed to be in his usual shape. I know you are all getting along OK.

I’ll bet we’ll have a telephone bill the size of the nat’l debt.—I appreciate the letters and want all I can get but I get a lot more good out of a telephone conversation even if it is short and expensive. I get a chance to talk to both you and Sib when I call. I sure miss that little devil.

Howard must have his hands full keeping care of to families, cars, jobs etc.

Have you and Sib been to church and Sunday school anymore. If you can manage it would probably be a good idea if to go. Sib could use a little “larnin” I think.

I kinda tho’t of the same method of of dropping the kids off if you come out but didn’t have a solution for company for you—It would be nice if Mable could come with you—at least someone responsible. We’ll talk it over around the [first or last] of the month.

The three blue shirts I bought at Micthel before we left should be stuck up somebodies gagor—They all shrank—I can’t come anyways near buttoning to collars—However I’ve devised a method of fastening the collar together with a paper clip—It takes 3 hrs and 37 mins to fasten it and a little less to take it apart—I forgot and put my suspenders on under my shirt once and crapped myself three times before I could get my collar undone.

This damn clock I bought doesn’t ring properly—I just rings whenever it gets ready—sometimes at 3 or 4  oclock in the morning—I’ve given up on it. I should’ve checked it when I bought it.

Well I’m going to sign off for this time—don’t want to overdue a good thing—you know me.—

[side note] Send me the dictionary.

You be good

Love to the kids

I Love You

x xxxx xxx


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