24 June 1951

This letter was written on 24 June 1951 and postmarked the 25th.

This is the kind of letter that jumps from one topic to another to answer news my father has received in “three letters.”

He makes the apt judgment that his children would have to adjust to having him home again after about a 6 month or more absence, especially me, since I was less than three months old when he left. Apparently there was a visit to a park, maybe Idora Park in Youngstown, but my brother didn’t want to go on the kiddie rides. We eventually moved only a few blocks from that park, and I have many memories of it.

The Catherine who gave my mother a stroller was a family friend that I do have some memory of. I know that she did some babysitting when my mother was “away,” whenever that was. Maybe it was when she drove to Las Vegas to meet my father before his deployment. Anyway, I just know that I was an exceptionally good baby—Ha. Except for the hair-pulling mentioned in this letter, I guess.

The new air base in Vienna is the Youngstown Air Reserve Station. It was indeed built in 1951-52. I’m not sure why Ohio weather might have been of concern to a pilot, but the base still operates there.

I don’t know why my mother’s mother was ill in 1951 or had to receive shots, but I have a vague sense of her living with us. One of the very few real memories I have as a small child is sitting up in bed with her being read to. She died in 1954.

This letter marks 80 missions in the lead up to 100.

A transcript follows the images.







24 JUNE ’51

Hi Sweetheart.

I have three letters of yours to answer—Maybe with that inspiration I can get off a half decent letter.

Glad to hear the kids are doing so well. I suppose Barbara is a little scary or timid around men, she isn’t around them enough. I imagine I’ll have to be quite careful with both the kids when I get back—Sib and I ought to hit it off pretty quick but Barbara won’t know me at all—It  will be interesting work tho, I think I’ll like it. Sure wish I could see you all.

I can’t understand why Sib didn’t enjoy the park—He must consider himself to grown up to ride on the small things—Ha.

I guess Barbara is at the hair pulling stage—How does Sib get along with her—Does he like her?—does he get rough with her?—I imagine he does sometimes—won’t hurt her.

It sure surprised me when I heard they are building a jet base at Vienna.—that would be a good place for me to be stationed. (Except It) I think there is too much bad weather around there for jets, maybe not.

How are you doing Honey?—Holding up under the strain O.K. I hope. I know you must be a busy gal these days—Did anyone else learn to give your mother shots—if so and you get all wound up I’d just gather up the kids and go someplace to relax or “sompin”

Are you gaining or [illegible scratch-out] loosing ? weight, or staying the same—You were in pretty good shape the last time I saw you.

I have 80 missions in now—20 more to go—Hope I get ’em in fast—If everything works right I should finish in three more trips to Seoul. I’m going up there tomorrow again for three more days—that should put me up to at least 86—the more the better.—up to 100 that is. I want to finish up as fast as I can for two reasons—One to get home to you all and second because it is getting a little more rough as every day goes by—Oh well—I can get a little rougher myself.

I had a good time in Tokyo—but it was tiresome after a a few days.

That was a fine deal—Catherine getting the stroller—it should be quite useful to you and I imagine Barbara will enjoy it. I guess Sib will always be a cowboy—more or less.

It sure makes me mad when I hear about those bastards trying to jack up the price of meat—Especially when I think of a nice thick sirloin steak.

Well Honey—I’ve just about written myself out of ideas for tonight. Tell Sib I think he is the best boy ever

(S) I’ll see you

I Love You

x Walt x

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