25 March/3 April 1951

The first card was written on 25 March but postmarked on the 27th. The second card’s dates are both 3 Apr.

These postcards represent a gap in the letters when my mother drove out to Las Vegas before my father’s deployment to Wake Island, as noted in the second card from Hawaii. It explains the references to my mother learning to drive in the previous letter. I do remember her telling me that she drove all the way to Las Vegas just after learning to drive, but I don’t recall that the circumstance was ever explained. In my memory, the story was meant to indicate independence and the old can-do attitude, but I’m not sure who she was trying to convince of it.

I assume the first stop before Hawaii is the San Francisco postmark of the first card, but maybe it’s just where all the mail travels to first in the US. How the military mail travels is perhaps something I should research.

A transcript follows the images.





San Francisco:

25 Mar 51

Hi Honey

Spending a couple days and couple “bucks” [illegible scratched out word]. Hope you had a good trip. We’ll probably leave this coming week—Say hello to the kids and folks




3 Apr 51

Hello Sweetheart

Have a 3 hr. lay over in Hawaii. Next stop Wake Is. Tell Sib and Barbara “Hello.

Hope you aren’t too busy too enjoy life, at least a little. I’ll write you from Japan

I love you


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