25 May 1951

This letter was written on 25 May 1951 and postmarked on the same day.

If the two recurring themes of needing more letters and information from home and the difficulty of writing weren’t clear before, the long opening paragraph of questions make it clear. The time between letters, waiting for answers to questions or new information, must be frustrating. Today’s readers will have to either think back to a time when communication wasn’t instant or try to imagine it. Today we get frustrated when our text messages aren’t answered in minutes or seconds. The other problem, as mentioned in previous letters, is that my father only gets mail at the base, and then is away in Seoul for three days without mail.

I have no idea who the Gilmore is, mentioned at the end of the first paragraph,

In the third paragraph, I’m not sure whether the parenthetical includes a capital I or some other letter, nor the reference. I assume that Truman refers to the president. It doesn’t make sense to me that an I refers to the author, unless it’s some kind of joke I don’t get.

A transcript follows the images.






25 May 51

Hi Honey

How you all doing? O.K. I hope. How is Barb? Does she still have the casts on her feet and if so when are they going to be removed, or, if they have been cast off—Ha—Is she O.K.? etc?? Has Sib started to date yet and if not why not? How is your mother? How is the money holding out—do you have enough? Of course we don’t have any more then your getting so no sweat! What do you have in mind to buy next? I thought you were going to get a washer! Are you going to get any new clothes, or, have you bought any recently if so what? Has Sib got any new clothes, shoes, books, toys. How is Ruby’s fat forefront—bouncing around I suppose. what was or is wrong with Howards car?—How is ours and where have you been with it.—Why don’t you buy a new house. What is Gilmore doing? Have you talked to Mom lately? Are you planning on a drive over there soon?

As you can see I’m trying to help with the letter writing—I have a hell of a time trying to write myself—if that’s possible. It sure would be peculiar if I wrote to me mailed it and picked it up the next day—they might even send me home.

And as for going home—These S.O.B.’s (—Truman and I) have the rumor floating around now that after we finish a hundred missions we’ll be rotated within the theatre instead of the States—That makes me feel real good.

Well Sweetheart—How are you doing? Are you feeling well—Do you have any spare time—Do you ever (need) feel any aches, pains or otherwise—if so where? I hope you don’t of course

I’m going back to Seoul in the morning for another three days and a few missions. I can’t figure out whether I ought to attempt to finish in a hurry or just to take my time—I’ll probably get “screwed” either way.

Well Honey—for now I’ll sign off

Tell everyone Hello.

Tell Sib to keep on growing

I Love You

x Walt x

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