26 April 1951: Letter to Sib

A transcript follows the letter images.


26 Apr. 51

Hello Sib.

How is my boy tonight? I’ll bet you’ve been playing and having a good time, I hope you have been able to play outside with your friends.

I want you to be careful and not go on the street as there are too many cars and I don’t want you to get hurt. Your a good boy tho—So I’m not worried about you going anyplace Mommy tells you not to go.

How is your little sister getting along? I’ll bet she is growing up quite fast by now. She isn’t near as big as you are tho. What do you think of her—I’ll bet she is the prettiest little sister ever. How is Mummy getting along—You

[unnumbered page 2]

and she ought to be pretty good buddies by now. You tell Mummy I said for her to be a good girl and you’ll be a good boy and I’ll be a good Daddy and Barbara is just naturally good.

Daddy is flying 51’s now—quite a bit the last few days and by the looks of things at present there will be quite a bit more. I’m am still at Seoul—perhaps not long until we have to leave and go back to Pusan.

I am going to say goodbye for tonight—Tell Mummy and Barbara I’ll write again soon

Love to all of you




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