26 June 1951

This letter was written on 26 June 1951 and postmarked on the 27th.

This letter marks 84 missions, just two days after the 80 missions of the last letter.

A rather mundane letter reiterating concern about my grandmother still being ill and bedridden, and my father’s own mother worrying about him. If there’s anything I wish these letters told, it would be more about his parents and about his own growing up near the Allegheny River in Rocky Grove, PA, but this war doesn’t put him in a chatty mood.

A transcript follows the images.





26 June ’51

Hi Sweetheart—

How is my Honey tonight? Well—I have all the way of 84 missions in now and should get 5 more in the next two days—catching all I can—Cross your fingers Honey and I’ll be finishing my missions soon.—

Call or write Mom and tell her I’m O.K.—She wrote a letter and said she was worried about me—I haven’t got around to writing her yet. I’m lazy I guess.

How are the kids?—I guess I just ask that question in order to write something—I know they are O.K.

I wish your mother would get to feeling better—It must be tiresome to be in the sack all the time.

I hope Sib finds a playmate soon—After making friends and playing with a kid and then not having anyone around must leave him at loose ends. I know it always did me. Barbara isn’t quite old enough to make a playmate for him except maybe for a few minutes at a time.—I sure wish I could see her, I know I’m missing a lot—

I wish I could be with you I know I’m missing a lot.—

Tell Sib to keep up the good work

I’ll be seeing you

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

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