27 April 1951

This letter was written on 27 April 1951 and postmarked on the same day.

It’s funny—and frustrating to me—that almost any topic can be interrupted with a comment from my father about letters, especially about getting them. It makes me want to yell “For god’s sake, write him more letters and send some pictures!” I know it’s more a sign of his frustrations with this war, though, because you can tell he is receiving letters—they just don’t make it better.

I don’t have the letter he wrote to my brother that is noted here.

Counting the missions completed is another theme that will keep showing up. Not a happy theme in the end. He has 23 completed here, and can see 50 in the near distance.

A transcript follows the images.





27 Apr 51

Hello Sweetheart

Going to drop you a few lines to you—short ones—Just enough to let you know I’m O.K. and that I love you. Last night Shimp and I flew back to Pusan—well be here for two nights days and three nights to rest and get a couple showers and then go back to Seoul if the Chinese doesn’t don’t get there first. I wrote Sib a letter yesterday but haven’t mailed it yet, so you should get two in one day. I h

I have 23 missions now, in another two weeks or so I’ll probably have 50—I hope they go that fast. I’m expecting a letter any day now direct to this A.P.O. So far they’ve traveled over half of Japan and part of Korea. I don’t mind as long as I get them.—How are our two lovely kids?—giving you a bad time?

Mum wrote a letter and said Barbara was the cutest baby ever and that Aunt Dorothy was nuts about her.

I’m glad to here you are making use of the car—Might as well.

How is your mother? hope she is improving. Tell her I said Hello and to hurry and get well.

I’m going to shut this off now—afraid I’ll run out of ink—Ha.

Tell Sib his Daddy would sure like to see him.

So Long for Now

I love you

x xxxx xxx   X Walt X

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