27 May 1951

This letter was written on 27 May 1951 and postmarked on the 28th.

This is the first mention of the name of the Air Force base my father is at—Chinhae. You can see some details about the units operating from that base on this Wikipedia page: Jinhae Airport. It was the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 39th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron.

A transcript follows the images.





27 May ’51

Hello Sweetheart

How are you today? I hope you.—O.K. I suppose you and the kids went to church today as it is Sun. I just found out. It is nice the kids are good enough that you can take them.

I’m still at Chinhae. The weather has been so bad (rain—low vis.) that we weren’t able to go to Seoul yesterday, so you might say we’ve been having a little vacation such as it is.

I got a letter yesterday—the one where you said Sib was wearing an old flying helmet. If I could find the money, cloth and a tailor I’d have him make a flying suit—it would probably be too warm however.

Jees! it sure is muddy here today, about two inches thick.

Sure wish I could be back with you all today—I miss you all—Especially I would like to see Barb. I can’t even imagine what she is like. Must be cute tho.

I’m glad to hear your mother is better and has been downstairs—She’ll appreciate the good weather.

I lost two missions due to some (foulded) fouled up paper work and am credited with 60.—40 more to go—I hope I get them in soon.

Well—this is it for today

Tell Sib I say Hello and for him to take good care of Mommy and Barbara

I Love You


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