3 May (April) 1951

This letter says it was written on 3 April (the same date as the 3 April postcard); the postmark is hard to read and may say May. I moved it to the May list and changed the page title to reflect the move.

The references to my feet are about my having casts put on my legs to correct pigeon toes. I think there is skepticism about whether that really works or how well. My toes still turn in, but not that noticeably. I seem to remember being told that the casts made a racket when I banged them on any surface.

The political reference to the administration not properly supporting the war is quite different from the WWII experience that the whole country was behind that effort. Most importantly, the sense that a lot of men were being lost because of improper support, along with an increase in individual missions, shows the frustration and probably fear that my father felt.

A transcript follow the images.






3 Apr 51

Hello Sweetheart

I’m back in Pusan for an evening for a short rest and a good nights sleep—I got four letters from you but the sequence is still jumbled.

I guess they should start coming thru in order in a couple of days. For goodness sake don’t get tired writing—I need those letters—no kiddin.—They have just upped the missions to 150—That’s not so good.

That was a clever joke Sib pulled about the “old troubles”—”you’ll soon have some new ones”—I thought I’d split when I heard that—He must really have a good sense of humor and some sense at the same time.

I am so sorry to hear about Barbara’s foot or feet—But am glad that they can be corrected and that you are doing something about it. Most people let those things go too far.—I certainly hope they turn out O.K.—One thing sure if any one can fix them we’ll see that they get fixed.

I’m going back to Seoul in the morning—Lately I’ve been getting up at 04:00 in the morning and going to bed about 0800 or 0900 at night—flying two to three to four missions a day—one day I got over 10 hrs. in—don’t let anyone ever tell you they’re men’re not fighting a war over here—the big thing is —the administration isn’t giving us the support, and the correct policy to fight with and under. Everybody here can realize we should be beating hell out of Manchuria and China and also Russia if she steps in any further.—As it is—were fighting a slow war here—and losing a lot of men, but not getting anywhere.

I was going to write Mom tonight but used the paper writing to you-so- drop her a short note.

[crossed out words] Tell your mother she’d better shake a leg—or I’ll give her two shots when I get home.

Tell Sib Hi! and kiss Barbara for me and I’ll see you

I love you


x xxxx xxx

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