5 April 1951

This letter was written on 5 April 1951. I can’t make out the postmark.

The content of this letter sounds like the first letter written after my parents met in Las Vegas in March. It seems to be written as my father is on his way overseas. There are two other letters dated in the headings as 3 April and 4 April, but the content does not fit in with the surrounding letters, and at least one of them is postmarked in May, so I made the decision that they should be in the May list and moved them. I ran across this kind of confusion a few times in the WWII letters.

I’m curious about his asking how his parents took being told about “the overseas business,” and wonder if he had avoided telling them before leaving. That seems a little odd, and in the end hurtful—my grandmother lost her father just one month before she lost her oldest son in 1951, so it would be sad if she never had a proper goodbye.

A transcript follows the images.





5 Apr 51

Hi Honey

How are you and the kids? Silly question as I know you are all O.K.

At this particular moment we are at 10,000′ over the Pacific about 4 hrs out of Tokyo. We left “Frisco” Mon. afternoon gained a day on the way, i.e. today is Wed. Our route took us from “Frisco” to Hawaii to Wake Is. to Tokyo. The first hop was 11 hrs. the second 10 hrs and the third will be approx 10 hrs. We are having a fairly comfortable trip in a United-DC-4 Airliner-not near as rough as the last trip. We haven’t run into any weather at all—in fact the sun has been shining all the way except at night naturally—I’ve heard that there is a period every day when the saun doesn’t shine. I sent you a card from Hawaii just to let you know I’m still thinking of you. How is your mother? I hope she is much better—maybe if she starts eating she will improve.

How did Mom and Pop take the overseas business—I hope easy. I was really amazed at your trip home—you really did a good job. I had no idea you would be anyways near home when I called that day. You’re doing fine.

I’m going to sign off now will write later—You too. Tell Sib to be a good boy and I’ll send him something one of these days—Kiss the kids

I love you x Walt x


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