5 June 1951

This letter was written on 5 June 1951; the postmark is unreadable.

It seems to me that starting in June, the letter writing might be getting easier for my father, and maybe it’s because he is “jumpy” with all the work and responsibility of “leading a flight.” I’m sure it’s also that tallying of missions leading closer to 100 that makes him jumpy. An earlier letter in the bunch had suggested that the missions were being upped to 150, but after that, there was never a mention of any more than 100, so it must not have come to pass.

I’ll look for pictures of his friend Shimp that he mentions so often, but most of the wartime pictures I have are not marked with any identifying information, including even the year. I do have letters from Shimp, though, that I will post in an appendix to this section.

A transcript follows the images.





5 June 51

Hi Honey

If I come home with a cold will you feed me honey, lemon juice and whiskey—I’ll try to keep a sniffle all the time.

I’m glad to hear Barbara and Sib are in good shape—I’ll bet Barbara is cute when her hair curls—hope it stays that way.

Shimp and his flight went to Japan a week or so ago for a short rest and to pick up a few aircraft—I hope to get over there soon.—I have 72 missions so far and hope to get maybe five or six more in the next three days, that will get me up to the three quarter mark—Hope I remain as lucky during the last quarter as I have (duren) so far.

I hit a cable the other day and tore about 2 ft. off my right wing but got it back without any sweat—landed about 150 m.p.h.

Shimp and I are remaining practically even on missions so far and we’re going to try to finish together.

It is a good thing that Sib likes to be read to—a kid learns (an) a lot that way—He’ll probably like to read when he gets older—One can’t learn to much.—It sure seems hard to believe that Barbara is 7 mos. old and learning all those things—She’ll be a big surprise when I see her.

Write and tell me the news—I’m sending a snapshot of Shimp and I—I was acting smart and the guy took the picture before I was ready.

I’m leading a flight now—have been for some time—So it keeps me busy—I have neglected to write the last few days—Sometimes I’m to jumpy to sit down a write—I do better tho.

I say So Long for now.

Tell Sib I said Hello and maybe I’ll send him something from Japan.

So Long

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

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