9 June 1951

This letter was written on 9 June 1951 and postmarked on the 11th.

An interesting letter while on leave in Tokyo. Mostly about the nice facilities and shopping. Did the white linen tablecloth make it home? I don’t know. It probably wouldn’t have lasted until I was old enough to remember it if it did. I’m pretty sure that if my mother had received pearls, I would have known about that.

A transcript follows the images.





9 June 51

Hello Sweetheart

How are you today—I’m in Tokyo for a 6 day Rest Leave and glad to get it. Five of us came over together and will leave for Korea on the 13th or 14th.

It has been rather dreary here today—mist, rain, fog, etc. I guess this part of Japan is like that most of the time. We are staying at the University Club. It’s a Hotel the Air Force uses for a billet—about three bars—exelent excellent food—a pretty good deal.

I bought two white linen table cloths and napkins to match today—supposed to be pretty good stuff. There is no china to be had in Tokyo—the P.X. is completely out and aren’t taking orders so I don’t know how to get any. I’m going to look for something to send Sib tomorrow—They have a street lined with small shops—curios etc. I should be able to find something interesting.

I have 27 more missions to go and then I’ll start sweating out a reassignment or rotation or something—I hope I get rotated to the States naturally.

I’ve been pondering on whether to buy you some a string of pearls—You can buy a nice necklace for about $40.00‚ and they are real pearls. I’m sweating out the money tho.

Tell me how Barbara’s feet are—I hope they are in good shape. Wish I could see her and Sib.

I’m going to buy some Khakis while I’m here—I don’t have any summer uniforms at all—and practically no blues now.

I’m going to sign off for now and go get a steak before they’re all gone.

Tell Sib to be good and I’ll see him on of these days (months)

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

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